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Thanks for trusting us your old shirt. If you want to transform more than 1 CAMICIA into a unique CULO CAMICIA repeat this process. 

Click here to understand how to pack your CAMICIAS for your CULO.


Sales Tax Included
  • If you want to transform more than 1 shirt into CULO CAMICIA's of different sizes please add to cart and repeat the process.
  • Our conversion is 1 shirt = 1 CULO CAMICIA
  • Please keep in mind that if the shirt is too small to create 1 boxer, we will mix it with one of our own shirts. We will choose a shirt with a pattern that matches with yours. Trust our CULO experience ;-)
  • ​Why is costing me more than just buying one of your boxers online? Because we pick it up straight from your house, make a hand made in Italy boxer out of YOUR shirt and send it back to you. It doesn't get more tailored made than this ;)
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