You know, everything started as a family hobby, when mamma Antonella taught the kid version of her son - Tommy - how to turn old shirts into 100% up-cycled boxers. 


However, it was only after lots of time spent in quarantine that the more adult version of Tommy and his friend Goti decided to transform this family pastime into a real up-cycling brand. This then gave them the idea to start collecting left behind and abandoned old shirts to transform them into underwear to unite culos against global warming.


So this is who we are: Goti (culo) and Tommy (camicia). Hi 👋

And this is CULO CAMICIA, a brand that gives good fabric - and crispy patterns - a second chance, because we all deserve a second chance. 


So, here’s how it works. 


We personally handpick up all the second hand shirts we use for our underwear - because you know, we care about quality - we cut and sew them “a little” and we turn them into unique boxers. We mean unique for real, as every shirt we use is a single piece. 


So, welcome into CULO CAMICIA’s world, make yourself comfortable and feel free to explore us however you want. We’re not shy ;) 


A very special thanks to Tommy’s mamma, Antonella, for being a major contributor in making CC happen.